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Author: jenn Date: 2006-06-22 05:35:40
There is a passage in a piece out band is playing that requires a quick slurred transition from E6 to B5. (E6 being the E on the third ledger line above the treble staff, and B5 being the B one ledger above the treble staff.)(Specifically, the piece has four triplets with the notes EBB, EBB, EBB, EBB, slurring the E to the B, and tounging the second B. Its in 12/8 time, with the dotted quarter note at 132.) The problem is that at this tempo it is difficult to get the notes to speak immeadiatly. While it can be done, I am worried that some of the less advanced player's in our band lack the skill to play it using the traditional fingerings. Is anyone aware of any possible alernate fingerings that would make this section easier?

Author:Musicus Date: 2011-03-07 10:21:17
It IS possible to make the section with the EBB triplets go a little easier, using alternate fingerings:

1) Let your right-hand third (long) finger stay on the E-key holding it down, as you switch back and forth between E and B.

If the top E is the main problem here, then:

2) Instead of using the traditional High E-fingering, you should rather play an overblown second-octave A with the D# trill-key held down. This makes the top E much easier to play, and when played fast enough, no one will hardly notice the cheating.

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