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Author: Blossom Merz Date: 2005-08-03 08:55:42
I've recently acquired a used flute, Pearl ST-700RB, from someone who knew very little about it. I like this flute, but would love to know more about the specifics.

Is anyone familiar with the models that Pearl offers? In googling, I was able to determine that the RB means "open holed, B-foot", but can't find any solid information about the ST category or the 700 series. I've emailed Pearl directly, and heard nothing.

Here are my questions: When did Pearl make this model? (There was a time when Pearl had the motto, "One flute, one maker," meaning that only one person was involved in all parts of a flute's construction. I wonder if this one is from that time...) Was it made in Japan or Taiwan? Are any parts of it solid silver? Is the embouchure hand-cut?

If anyone knows the answers to any of these questions, or can point me in the direction to get them answered, I'd greatly appreciate it.


Author:Rita Date: 2007-07-07 21:37:03
I have a Pearl ST-700RB. I bought it in 1985, so it\'s twenty-two years old. It has a silver headjoint, body and foot and silver plated keys and mechanisms. It has open holes, a B foot, a gizmo key, and the split E mechanism. When I asked the dealer who repadded it what it compares to today in the Pearl line, he said it would compare to the PF 761 BE. I don\'t think Pearl makes those anymore either, but I think it is close to the PF 765, with an E in the model number for the split E. That same dealer said I should step up next to a Miyazawa because it\'s hand-made, so I would assume this one isn\'t. I have loved this flute since the first moment I played it. I never understood why other flutists would get so out of tune either across the board or on certain notes. I am almost always dead on the center on the tuner. I am the one our flute choir tunes to regularly. I have also been known for getting a full, beautiful tone on this flute. Secretly, I know that a lot of the credit for my great sound, tuning, and smooth articulation is because I play a Pearl. I love it!
Author:Rene Blom Date: 2015-07-05 13:37:12
I have a Pearl model ST-700 closed keyed flute with a C foot. It's Sterling silver tubing and silver plated keys and mechanism. I found out, that the design of this particular series of Pearl flutes replaced their first editions (1968-81) and that the ST-700 was discontinued in 1986, when Pearl decided to make another upgrade of the design - which (among other things) got rid of the old-style barrel.

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