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Author: Pam Pare' Date: 2005-03-25 04:10:11
When I was a child, my parents bought me a Haynes Bohem sterling silver flute with open holes. In the 1960's, my dad sold it without my knowledge. He cannot remember who he sold it to, but was probably local (we lived in Harvard, Mass at the time). I have decided to take up the flute again and I am teaching myself. Unfortunately, I have a longing for my Haynes flute and miss it very much. I need some help in locating it. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Pam Pare'

Author:ZeZe Date: 2005-05-26 09:32:34
it's mine now!!! I'M KIDDING OFCOURSE I'm so sorry, but i guess you should buy a new one now ha?
Author:Dennis Nutt Date: 2007-09-27 00:48:36
I was just given a flute(dont think it is a expensive one) by a friend that found it laying on the grass by a curb in culver city ca. I play the violin(also not a expensive one) and would hate to lose it. I am not sure how to reach out and find who lost it any advice.

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