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Author: Eve Langdon Date: 2015-11-18 00:32:43
World music flutist Wouter Kellerman is making waves with his latest album ?Love Language?. The award winning artist released his album in August 2015 and it debuted at #1 on the World Music Billboard charts in its first week! Using his classical training as a foundation, Kellerman focuses his attention on world music, exploring the versatility of the flute and fusing classical and contemporary sounds, resulting in a potent and thrilling musical encounter. He is taking his crossover world music to a global audience, having gained a solid following in his native South Africa. You can buy ?Love Language? on iTunes here: http://bit.ly/LoveLanguage-iTunes.

?Love Language? draws influence from Senegal, Spain, Cuba, India, Greece and the United States. The album encapsulates the myriad ways that people connect on the topics of life and love ? and the countless languages with which people speak of the universal connection that binds them one to another. In the spirit of Love Language, all proceeds from album sales go to the SOS Children?s Villages in South Africa. Stay up to date with Wouter on Facebook at: http://bit.ly/WouterKellerman-FB, Twitter at: http://bit.ly/WouterKellerman-TW, Youtube at: http://bit.ly/WouterKellerman-YT and his official website www.WouterKellerman.net.


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