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Author: Justin Date: 2006-12-26 18:31:53
This past Saturday, I had my first flute lesson. I just wanted to take some lessons to polish my skills for my college auditions (I'm not applying to any competitive music college). About 15 min. of my 1 hour session was of my flute teacher trash talking me. I never had formal lessons so I was not taught properly. So he was comparing me to his other students and much better they were then me, and how far behind I was. Do you think I should continue going, especially with his negativity? I kind of want to continue just to show him I can improve quickly, but I also feel uncomfortable with him. What should I do? And do any of you know of any flute teachers in New Jersey? Thanks

Author:Zachary Date: 2007-02-19 05:06:49
Well, personally im not into the teacher who trashtalks. I looks to me that hes talking to you that way because he doesnt want you there anyways. I dont think anybody is really taught wrong, just differently. I mean, you could use every different fingering there is and if you can still play, you can play. I dont know what to say about going back except this: I would go back and see what the second lesson is like and if it is not any better I would evalute how much you learned and how much you paid before fully quiting.

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